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    May 14, 2008

    Where 2.0 Ignite Presentation

    Following on the heels of my illustrious colleagues, I've put up my slides from the Ignite session I did on Monday.

    The slides are online here. It was an interesting format to try and get ideas across in; 5 minutes is not very long, and 15 seconds a slide doesn't give you much room to develop anything complicated. But sort of like when I stood up for 6 hours at PC Forum talking to people about Mappr, it's the kind of thing that really teaches you how to get your ideas across, and I'm grateful to Brady for the experience.

    I'm particularly pleased to be able to talk a bit about Etienne-Jules Marey, a 19th century French physiologist, photographer and inventor who's something of a hero of mine, and whose work I'm increasingly starting to see as a source of inspiration for the work we do at Stamen. He was among the first to systematically investigate movement and how it can be captured and reproduced, and in addition to his work being scientifically revolutionary it's just plain gorgeous (that's him, below). Something to aspire to. And I have to confess that the pictures of him doing scientific experiments in snazzy suits and hats don't hurt, either.

    Time-lapse photos

    You might be interested in checking out this photo series called "City of Shadows" by Alexey Titarenko:

    Ignite sounds a bit like Pecah Kucha, heard of you via mySociety

    From across the bay in Sausalito I heard about "you" - this amazing firm - from one of your clients over in the UK, mySociety. Then reading about the Ignite format, it sounds like a variation of the format that has become popular around the world called Pecha Kucha. I wrote about it here and here

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