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Jun 9, 2008

Trulia Snapshot is live

Stamen's new work with awesome real estate powerhouse Trulia (who're going gangbusters btw) is live, at It's an interactive map (of course!) showing photos of homes for sale, and lets you browse across several vectors: most expensive, least expensive, newest on the market, and longest on the market.

One of the things we strive for in our work is to get out of the way of the data that we're working with. The data is the real stuff as it were—and it should be allowed to sing on its own terms. Another way of saying this is that the world itself is much more interesting than any logos or graphics we could lay on top of it. Our faith is that the world is a fascinating place, and that revealing what that world looks like is both worth doing and fun.

What we've tried to do here is to make the photos of the houses themselves the thing that you interact with, and at the same time strike a balance with the map beneath, so that you can get an understanding of the ways that different kinds of homes relate to the landscape. We tried to go more glossy-real-estate-magazine than executive-dashboard; the results are here.

Oh! And there's a 'play' button (Trulia's suggestion; it's so nice to have clients that are smarter than you), so you can kick back & watch your dream home (or foreclosed shacks) stream by. We're' proud to have worked with Ryan Alexander on this one.

Homes in New York

Multiple homes in one location, in Key West

Danville, KY

The amount of data available even in a small Kentucky town is amazing and I loved letting the play button take me through it. Great work, guys.

Trulia has brought a fresh

Trulia has brought a fresh approach to real estate search. Although, as a real estate agent, I am not a huge fan (as I see them somewhat as competition), there is no doubt that they have the means and ability to display content in an innovative and intriguing way. What I do like is that they bring a level of competition to the industry that did need a shot from the outside to realize improvements from within the industry

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