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    Apr 27, 2009

    Tiny Boxes

    Stamen eats together.

    Every day, the studio gets lunch and shares it as a group. Our Mission neighborhood is ground zero for a crazy variety of amazing food, and most of it's available to-go. As we've grown over the years, we've started to generate progressively larger volume of packaging waste every day, and finally decided that there must be a better way. Inspired by London's Tiffinbites, we bought a set of excellent aluminum boxes, and started bringing them to the local restaurants where we get our lunches.

    The boxes look great, the leak-proof lids snap shut, they're durable, and they're perfect for taking leftovers home. Whenever we order food that doesn't come in self-reinforcing log form, we try to get it in our fancy metal boxes instead. Most of our favorite local spots have enthusiastically taken to using them:

    Here's the current lunch leaderboard, from Sha's Daytum account:

    As more creative companies make their home in the Mission, we're hoping to see more of these amazing boxes in use around the neighborhood.

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