Super Ball XLV

People are already connecting Twitter to objects. Sometimes they are connecting them via sensors and machine-readable interfaces:

London's Tower Bridge

Passing Asteroids

House plants:

Sometimes they are adopting the "voice" of an object to bring inanimate objects to life:


The Common Squirrel

No one has done this for the Super Ball. Yet. So you should be the first!

Data combined with narrative creates personality. It can be used to construct a larger and richer history around a subject.

The world is already divided in to two camps: People who are going to watch the Super Ball and those who aren't. This is an opportunity to delight the former and reach the latter, by providing a larger and more playful cast of characters to describe the events during the game.

These might include:

The ball

10 yard lines

The goal posts or the stadium itself!

Anything with a sensor or a real-time human monitor!

@superballxlv : "crossed the #20yd line travelling at #68mph #25ft above the field"

@superballxlv : "#kicked"

@20yardline : "what's that rumbling noise?"

@superballxlv : "#dropped"

@superballxlv : "oooof! #3178lb"

@superballxlv : "I'm flying!!"

@mensbathroom : "#opened for the 12429 time"

@10yardline : "four guys just ran past me! #286guys total so far"

@superballxlv : "Are we there yet?"

@superballxlv : "@twitteruser: Thanks!"

@superballxlv : "#player1 is hugging me!"

@superballxlv : "#resting at the @50yardline for #4minutes, did they forget me?"

@superballxlv : "I haven't seen #player2 in 37 days, so excited!"

Creating playful and data-driven Twitter accounts for the non-human actors in the Super Ball is an avenue for people to engage in a conversation with the game itself.

By using Twitter as a real-time delivery platform for data and statistics about the game it is also a chance to engage developers and allow them to make their own visualizations and to feel like they are able to share in the crafting of the experience.

By publishing the list of Twitter accounts and a dictionary of terms to be used ahead of the event developers could even develop their own real-time visualizations.

A proposal by Stamen Design. This project is not affiliated in any way with any sports organization or league.